Galaxies Seminar

PH3140 Home Page, Winter term, 2006


  Royal Holloway, University of London

Glen Cowan, office: W262, phone: (01784) 44 3452, e-mail:

The main book will be working through is: Galaxies in the Universe by L Sparke and J GAllagher, CUP, 2000. You can get it from here.

Here are some related courses with lecture notes and other papers I've run across:

  • Bill Keel's Galaxies and the Universe page from University of Alabama.
  • A course by D. Davis at University of Maryland on Galaxies and the Interstellar Medium.
  • A course on Galaxies, Cosmology and Dark Matter by C. Botzler (Munich).
  • A course from Penn State by C Gronwall on Galaxies and Cosmology
  • The famous paper on galaxy classification by A Sandage
  • Here is an image of M33 taken by me and Peter on 10 Feb 2006 -- a 240s exposure (10 tracked & added 24s images) taken with the f6.3 focal reducer and SBIG ST-7E CCD. This is just a "practice" shot; there was an almost full moon that night. There is a bug (feature?) in storing the image whereby it gets flipped vertically -- I have reflipped it so that it's correct, i.e., north is up, east is left.
    Glen Cowan