C++ Wrapper for QCDNUM

The code below makes it possible to use the fortran DGLAP evolution program QCDNUM, by Michiel Botje, from C++ programs .

The general principle I have followed is to produce a wrapper that as far as possible is used in the same way as the fortran original. Thus for each fortran subroutine or function in the original, the wrapper has a C++ method that is used in a very similar way: i.e. it has the same name (but is in namespace QCDnum) with the same number and order of arguments, which are generally taken by reference, and it returns a value of comparible type if the original was a function. C++ String is used where the fortran was a character array. Thus to understand how to use QCDNUM from C++, a user will mostly need to refer to the original QCDNUM manual.

First some warnings:

How to use:

You will need to have already downloaded QCDNUM from www.nikhef.nl/~h24/qcdnum/. There is also an excellent manual there to accompany QCDNUM, which includes a test program (quprog.f). It may be wise to get the fortran test program working first so if you have any trouble using the wrapper below you know it's a C++/Fortran interfacing issue.

Signs that the wrapper is not working correctly include:

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Clare Quarman
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