PhD Studentships in the Royal Holloway and Sussex Particle Physics Theory Consortium

Royal Holloway's Theoretical Particle Physics Group is seeking to appoint two highly motivated PhD students to support the research activities of the Royal Holloway and Sussex Particle Physics Theory Consortium. The consortium works on astro-particle physics and cosmology, physics at the Terascale and beyond, the physics of fundamental forces, QCD, quantum gravity, and renormalisation group methods. We are particularly interested in applicants with research interests in either astro-particle physics (e.g. dark matter, baryogenesis/leptogenesis, black holes, BSM model building) or collider physics (e.g. SM Higgs search at the LHC, Monte Carlo signal/background studies, precision calculations for hadron colliders, efficient computational methods for perturbative calculations in quantum field theory).

The students will benefit from the NExT Institute, a regional particle physics alliance in the South East of England including the two groups, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the University of Southampton, as well as close links to the experimental particle physics groups at RHUL and Sussex.

The students will receive training in theoretical particle physics by attending the NExT Graduate School and through participation in summer schools like BUSSTEPP. Travel to international schools and conferences will be supported by a research training grant of £1,000 per year.

The 3.5-year STFC studentships cover university fees and provide a stipend of £15,590 per year as well as the research training support grant. There are no constraints on the nationality of applicants.

Applications including a CV and a list of university exam results should be sent to to whom informal enquiries may also be addressed. Applicants should arrange for at least two confidential reference letters to be sent to Dr West. Applications should also be submitted through RHUL's online application system.

Applications received by 17 February 2012 will receive full consideration. The positions will start on 24 September 2012 or earlier, by agreement.

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