Particle Physics Seminars

Seminars will be in T125 at 3.30pm unless otherwise stated

Most abstracts will be updated to Presentation in pdf or ppt
See also past seminars: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000


Royal Holloway, University of London

Wednesday 19 October - Dr Marina Cobal (CERN/Univ.of Udine)
Commissioning of ATLAS with Physics events [ppt.gz]
Wednesday 2 November - Dr. Lucio Cerrito (Oxford)
Electroweak and Top Physics Results from the Tevatron [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 16 November - Prof Andrea Romanino (Sissa, Trieste)
Split SUSY [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 30 November - Dr Luca Fiorini (Univ. of Cambridge)
Recent results from NA48 [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 14 December - Dr George Mavromanolakis (Cambridge)
Latest results from Calice  [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 1 February - Dr Nigel Watson (University of Birmingham)
Accelerator Physics (ILC) [ppt.gz]
Wednesday 8 February - Dr Mark Thomson (Cambridge University)
Particle flow algorithms for the Linear Collider  
Wednesday 15 March - Dr Biljana Lakic (CERN/Zagreb University)
Latest results on CAST  [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 22 March - Dr Glen Cowan (RHUL) 
Statistical Techniques in HEP  [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 29 March - Dr Mitesh Patel  (CERN/Cambridge)
Status of LHCb  [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 5 April - Dr Oliver Brein (IPPP)
Higgs Physics Phenomenology [pdf.gz]
Thursday 27 April at 4pm - Dr Maria Smisanska (Lancaster University)
ATLAS/LHC high precision B-physics measurements and prospects of search for New Physics  [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 10 May - Dr Anatel Cabrera  (Laboratoire de Astroparticule et Cosmologie, Paris)
The Double Chooz experiment  [abstract]
Wednesday 17 May - Dr Rui Santos (CFTC University of Lisbon)
Tree-level vacuum stability against charge and CP breaking  [pdf.gz]
Wednesday 24 May - Dr Clare Shepherd (RAL)
CMS Commissioning  [pdf.gz]
Thursday 15 June - Prof Changchun Zhang (Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing)
Recent results from BES2 and status of the BES3 project  [pdf.gz]
Dr Beate Heinemann (Univ. of Liverpool)    (date to be allocated)
Results from CDF  

Fabrizio Salvatore & Ricardo Gonšalo