Particle Physics
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The Particle Adventure

A superb site! It successfully uses cartoons, quizzes and animations to explain the difficult concepts associated with the inner workings of the atom.


A well designed web site, attractive and easy to read. Contains clear descriptions of the accelerators, detectors and experiments based at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

Microcosm - discover the world of particles...

Microcosm takes you into the hidden corners of the universe. On the site of the worlds largest particle physics laboratory, CERN, the exhibition has models, videos, computer games and original pieces of equipment - something for everyone.

Particle Physics UK

The starting place to give the web surfer access to various particle physics sites. Look here, for example, for the UK universities that work in particle physics, which experiments they work on, and who can give talks on particle physics. Also featuring regular news items, "what's on" in particle physics, and a growing library of images under "Picture of the Week".

Big Bang Science

The information presented here is published in booklet form, introducing particle physics, especially at CERN and LEP, by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC).

The Science of High Energy Physics

An introduction to aspects of particle physics from Fermilab in the US, including an accelerator animation (which uses Java).


With some effort you can find your way round - and it is going to improve to be one of the best! Contains information on how and why the web was invented and information on how to visit CERN.

ATLAS educational web site

One of our major research projects that we are currently working on.

Identifying events at LEP

A self-guided tutorial aimed at sixth-formers which explains how to understand event pictures from the OPAL detector at LEP, together with a five-part challenge (with the answers!).


More Particle Physics items of interest for schools