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Offline Software Tutorial March 2012
ROOT analysis example using TChains and Processes
ROOTTalk - TLorentzVector Boost
ROOTTalk - TLorentzVector Boost
ROOTTalk - Printing TTree::Scan to a file
Introduction to using TSelector (with intention to use PROOF)
How to draw the last summed histogram in THStack!
Comments on negative weight events ie MC@NLO
Writing out muliple postscript files into a single pdf file

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Atlas Lumi-Calc Tool
PBS WebMonitor - Faraday Cluster at RHUL
Pythia index hosted at Lund

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Post ICHEP 2012 Higgs Summary
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Papers/ Notes for Service Task
Conf Note - Measurement of the b-tagging performance in the 2012 ATLAS data
Int Note - Measurement of the b-tagging Scaling Factors using top-pair events at sqrt(s)= 8 TeV using the ATLAS Detector
Papers/ Notes for Higgs Analysis
Conf Note - Search for ttH, 2014
Int Note - Search for ttH, 2013
Conf Note - Search for the bb decay of the Standard Model Higgs boson in associated W/ZH production with the ATLAS detector
Int Note - Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in associated production with a vector boson and decaying to bottom quarks with the ATLAS detector
Colour Flow as a Discriminating Variable in the Search for H to bb, RAL Summer School, Oxford, 2012
B-Tagging Performance in ATLAS, LHCC, CERN, 2013
Matrix Element Method in ttH, ATLAS UK, Edinburgh, 2014

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