Some of Glen's ALEPH stuff

Glen Cowan, Royal Holloway, University of London, phone: (01784) 44 3452, e-mail:

The transparencies (ps file) of my talk on the photon structure function from the EPS HEP'99 meeting in Tampere, Finland, and the preprint version of my contribution to the proceedings (RHCPP 99-016).

A conference paper we sent to EPS HEP'99 Tampere on 2D unfolding of the photon structure function: ALEPH 99-038, CONF 99-022.

The preprint version of Unfolding the Photon Structure Function, published in the proceedings of the Oxford, Phenomenology Workshop on LEP 2 Physics, S. Cartwright et al., J. Phys. G24 (1998) 457.

D.A. Bauer et al., (TPC/Two-Gamma Collaboration) A measurement of alphas in e+e- annihilation at Ecm = 29 GeV, LBL-35812, SLAC-PUB-6518, contributed to the 27th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Glasgow, 1994.

An ALEPH note (ALEPH 95-101) with some ideas on particle identification using ionization energy loss.

The transparencies for my talk (ps or pdf files) at the 2001 CTEQ Summer School.

Glen Cowan