Exercises for Statistical Data Analysis

G. Cowan, Statistical Data Analysis


The set of exercises can be obtained as a single file or as individual files for each chapter:

  • Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts.

  • Chapter 2: Examples of probability Functions.

  • Chapter 3: The Monte Carlo Method. Programs random.f, test_random.f, pmt.f.

  • Chapter 4: Statistical Tests. Data files alpha_decay.dat, data_1.dat, theory_1.dat, theory_2.dat, and programs compute_chi2.f, compute_chi2_dist.f.

  • Chapter 5: General Concepts of Parameter Estimation.

  • Chapter 6: The Method of Maximum Likelihood. Data file mastic.dat.

  • Chapter 7: The Method of Least Squares. Programs fit_galileo.f, fcn_galileo.f, and data files galileo.dat, ptolemy.dat.

  • Chapter 8: The Method of Moments.

  • Chapter 9: Statistical Errors, Confidence Intervals and Limits. Programs: quantile of F distribution ffinv.f, binomial lower limit binomlo.f, upper limit binomup.f, central confidence interval binomint.f.

  • Chapter 10: Characteristic Functions.

  • Chapter 11: Unfolding.