BaBar Computing at RHUL

This page is intended to provide a computing guide for BaBar physicists working at RHUL . The focus is on where the local environment differs from that at other sites . It is assumed that you already have a passing familiarity with the BaBar offline system. More general information about BaBar software can be found on the BaBar web. In particular the offline workbook is good for getting started. Useful information can also be found on Paul McGrath's pages.

This page is likely to evolve rapidly as we gain experience using the local system, and as the BaBar software itself evolves. If you have anything you wish to add, or you find a glaring error, please contact Fabrizio Salvatore.

Unless otherwise specified, the following discussion is (arbitrarily) based on release 8.3.1f (or higher).

Table of Contents

  • Overview & Philosophy.

  • Getting an Account.

  • Setting Your Environment.

  • Creating a Test Release.

  • Using the Database.

  • Submitting batch jobs on the PC farm.

  • Running the Event Display.

  • New version of the Database Installed.

  • Using KANGA(ROO).

  • Evaluate PID (in)efficiency.

  • Committing Code Changes.

  • Running HTL.

  • Evaluation of the luminosity on particular set of data.

  • New directory to store MC .xdr files.

  • Monte Carlo Production at RH.

  • BaBar UK WEB page.

  • BaBar UK MC farm grid.

  • Real Data in Kanga format.

  • SP3 inventory at SLAC.

  • MC events in Kanga format at RHUL.

  • Contributions to meetings.

  • BaBar-UK meetings. (30/10/02)

  • More disk space available for BaBar. (11/06/03)

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